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Visual Peer review is a work in-progress by a team at the University of South Florida. Below is my work on the project before graduating from the university. The project aims to create a platform for data analysis to perform peer review on each others work. My involvement in the project was to jumpstart development on the user interface and interaction with rendered visualizations. I helped create the templates and break down the end user experience, creating tools for editing anotations, ranking feedback, and leaving reviews on content generated from a GitHub repo. You can view the full sourcode and some of my work by visiting the GitHub page, or exploring the live preview below.

Links to an Adobe XD Prototype file. Interactive example of the application user experience.

To-Do List:

  • Spin up a development website for testing on server.
  • Create breakdown of tasks.
  • Create code editor enviroment.
  • Implement styling/validation to editor.
  • FLASK Backend
  • Create Docker instances for each language
  • Create User Experience (UX) Diagram
  • Prelim Graphic Design
  • Develop UX Prototype
  • reactJS
  • Front-End Development
    • Site Structure
    • Navigation
    • Universal Styles
    • Sign-In Page
    • Register Page
    • Dashboard
    • New Project Page
    • Project Page
    • Edit Project Page
    • Peer Review Page
  • Get Page Description & Info For Home Page
  • Structure Review
  • Determine how code execution will be saved to database.

User Experience (UX) Diagram

Structure / Layout. The way pages and naviation will be organizaed.

Phase One

Phase Two